Tents, Trangias and Training for Lower Fifth DofE Participants

Senior 13-16
Posted on: May 17th 2021

Lower Fifth Bronze DofE Pupil putting up tent

60 Lower Fifth pupils attended a practical training afternoon on campus on Sunday 9th May as part of the expedition section of their Bronze D of E Award.

Working in their expedition groups, pupils followed a round robin of cooking, navigation techniques and how to put up and take down a tent. Learning how to cook a meal on a Trangia proved to be more difficult than first thought, however the groups persevered and learned valuable lessons from their training.

Lower Fifth Bronze D of E cooking Lower Fifth Bronze DofE Cooking

Route planning this year had been done using the e-mapping tool on the DofE website and so Sunday was the first chance most of the Lower Fifth expeditionists had to work with a map. Whilst looking at their surroundings and relating it to the map, explaining in detail to the trainers where they were and what they saw, the groups each walked to various areas of the campus.

Lower Fifth Bronze DofE Map Reading Lower Fifth Bronze DofE Walking

Although the new regulations as a result of Covid-19 mean that participants do not have to camp overnight for their expedition this year, the staff felt that it was still an important skill and would be a good test of the teams’ teamwork for them to practice putting up and taking down a tent.

Lower Fifth Bronze DofE putting up tent Lower Fifth Bronze DofE Tent

After a great afternoon of practical training, we wish the Lower Fifth participants good luck for their assessment expedition in June!

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