Grimwade Boarders 'Spring' into Sunday Activities

Prep 7-13
Posted on: March 16th 2021

Grimwade boarders playing cricket outside

Although Sunday trips are on hold as a result of lockdown restrictions, our Grimwade boarders instead enjoyed a very peaceful and quiet home from home day over the past weekend.  

Having had a good breakfast that fuelled them for the day ahead, boarders completed their prep work and then spent the morning playing cricket outside, as well as exploring some of the early Spring colour on campus and experimenting with their photography skills.  

Spring blossom on campus Grimwade Boarder Photo of Spring Flowers Grimwade Boarder photo of Spring on campus

Later in the morning, the pupils all participated in a spaghetti/marshmallow building competition, which was greatly enjoyed by all. Well done to Laith and Megan who claimed victory with the tallest structure measuring in at an amazing 1.25m tall!  

Grimwade boarder building spaghetti and marshmallow tower Spaghetti and marshmallow tower

In the evening, pupils wound down and were given time for reflection as College Chaplain, Mr Morris, discussed the origins of Mothering Sunday. Crocus hearts were made and planted in an oasis garden with messages of thanks written on each one. 

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