Form 2 and Upper Third Tackle House Rugby

Prep 7-13
Posted on: December 10th 2020

Form 2 House Rugby

On Wednesday 2nd December, Form 2 and Upper Third boys grabbed their rugby boots and headed up to the fields for their year group House Rugby Competitions. In what was an exciting and closely contested afternoon, there was some superb skill on display. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and it was wonderful to see the results of all their hard work and training throughout this term.


  Form 2 Upper Third
1st Newbury Grimwade
2nd Westfield Westfield
3rd Grimwade Newbury
4th Monk-Jones Monk-Jones



Form 2 House Rugby (2) Form 2 House Rugby (4)

Upper Third House Rugby (2) Upper Third House Rugby (3)

Form 2 House Rugby Grimwade Upper Third House Rugby (4)