Pre-Prep Pupils Get Into the Festive Spirit

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: December 11th 2020

Pre-Prep Christmas tree

Christmas was in the air last week in Pre-Prep when pupils across all three year groups began making their Christmas decorations, decorated the Christmas tree and created their Christingles for a special service.

Pre-Prep class making Christmas decorations Pre-Prep girl making Christmas jar

Pre-Prep pupils making Christmas decorations Pre-Prep pupils painting

In Reception, the pupils very much enjoyed their Christmas decoration-making morning. Pupils were challenged to make something new from something old to keep in with the ‘recycle’ theme, painted glass jars with Christmas and winter scenes, turned old CDs into Christmas dangles, made salt dough decorations and used old Christmas cards to make new Christmas messages.

Pre-Prep boy decorating Christmas tree Pre-Prep pupils making Christmas decorations together

Pre-Prep pupils making Christmas paper chains Pre-Prep boy drawing

Meanwhile in Years 1 and 2, pupils started the week by making their Christingles and learned all about what each of the different parts of a Christingle represents whilst carefully putting them together. Working together in their year groups, pupils also had great fun making paper chains, decorating the Pre-Prep Christmas tree, painting stars and stamping festive patterns onto their Christmas bags whilst listening to Christmas music.

Pre-Prep pupils making Christmas decorations in group Pre-Prep girl making Christmas decoration

Pre-Prep pupils making Christingles together Pre-Prep girl making Christmas stamp artwork