Prep School Design Flags for Antarctica

Prep 7-13
Posted on: November 23rd 2020

Form One to Upper Third pupils let their creativity run free when they took part in a House Competition to design a flag for the continent of Antarctica. Pupils used their knowledge of the continent and thought about many different factors when designing their flags such as the weather in Antarctica and the types of animals that live there.

Well done to all who submitted a design, the standard was incredibly high!


Newbury Winner: Ella S                                                    Grimwade Winner: Florence J

Newbury winner Grimwade winner

Monk-Jones Winner: Luke T                                             Westfield Winner: Rupert A

Monk jones winner Westfield winner


The judges had a very difficult decision to choose the overall winner from such a superb selection of entries, but after much deliberation the judges selected the design by Ella S, Newbury House. Ella’s design will now be sent to Antarctica with the UK Polar Network team on their next expedition. We look forward to seeing a photograph of Ella’s flag in Antarctica at a later date!

Antarctica Flag Design 10 Antarctica Flag Design 11 Antarctica Flag Design 12

Antarctica Flag Design 9 Antarctica Flag Design 8 Antarctica Flag Design 7

Antarctica Flag Design 6 Antarctica Flag Design 5 Antarctica Flag Design 4

Antarctica Flag Design 3 Antarctica Flag Design 2 Antarctica Flag Design 1

Update: Monday 21st December

Ella's flag has made it all the way to South Georgia, which is a sub-Antarctic island in the southern Atlantic Ocean! South Georgia lies in the path of large icebergs drifting northwards from Antarctica and is a suitably festive location - as well as penguins, it is home to herds of reindeer that were introduced there by Norwegian whalers in the early 20th century. 

Antarctica flag

Antarctica flag certificate

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