Supporting Our College Community

Whole College
Posted on: November 17th 2020

Sunflower wristband

Whilst striving to keep our College community safe during these uncertain times by wearing masks, keeping socially distanced and staying within bubbles, as a school we recognise that there are those who may not, for a legitimate reason, be able to wear a face covering whilst out and about.

With this in mind, some members of our community have started to wear a green, sunflower wristband which communicates to others that they have a hidden disability which prevents them from being able to wear a face covering. As well as clearly communicating this message, these wristbands ensure individuals avoid potential discomfort from being challenged by other members of the community over their lack of face covering.

We are proud to be able to support all members of our community, no matter the circumstances, during these unprecedented times.

For more information on those exempt from wearing face coverings, please visit Gov.UK. or get in touch with our Head of Learning Support, Lizzie Bridle.