Grimwade Boarders Enjoy Fun-Filled Weekend

Prep 7-13
Posted on: November 16th 2020

PS Boarders and Thanksgiving Wreaths

Prep School boarders enjoyed a weekend of activities in a warm and cosy Grimwade House whilst the weather was rather windy and wet.

After clearing floor space, the scene was set for the boarders to construct the House Scalextric set. For some pupils, this was the first time they had come across this childhood toy and great fun was had by all. With a ‘Top Gear’ style timing ladder, the race was on to set the fastest 10-lap time; well done to Angus who set the record.

PS Boarders Scalextric Rainbow over St Michael's Church

Braving the rain and equipped with welly boots, boarders ventured out for a walk which gave them the chance to see a beautiful rainbow which appeared to be coming out of the top of St Michael’s Church.

A craft activity was next on the agenda and pupils made an array of Thanksgiving Wreaths. Pupils then wrote on each of the leaves what they were particularly thankful for this year.

PS Boarders' Thanksgiving Wreaths line PS Boarders' Thanksgiving Wreaths

The weekend was rounded-off with a delicious evening roast dinner followed by a talk about the importance of kindness from College Chaplain, Mr Morris, as well as a beautiful performance from Chloe on the harp.

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