Exciting Experiments and Fireworks Fun for Year 2

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: November 13th 2020

Volcano 2

During their first week back after half term, Year 2 pupils learned all about Guy Fawkes and discussed how life was so different in the past but that there are still some similarities that remain today. Whilst the Lemurs class created some wonderful fireworks artwork in their ICT lessons, the Meerkats class designed some ‘Wanted’ posters of Guy Fawkes and designed fireworks pictures using coloured wax and black paint.

Fireworks drawing Fireworks drawings 2

Ict fireworks

Meanwhile in their Science lessons, pupils have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes and conducted an experiment in which they mixed vinegar and baking powder together and watched the chemical reaction unfold.

Volcano 3