Upper Sixth Choir Perform 'Te Aroha'

Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: October 16th 2020

The Upper Sixth Choir have been busy during the first half of this term learning a beautiful song called ‘Te Aroha’ by Te Puoho Katene. ‘Te Aroha’ is a Maori waiata-a-ringa (an ‘action song’) for four-part choir. Te Aroha is the Maori word for ‘love’; in the video above you can see our students cross their hands over their hearts/chest on this word. In Maori culture, there is a strong connection between the words and the actions of a waiata-a-ringa.

The choir use various ‘mahi-a-ringa’ (hand movements) such as the ‘wiri’, which is the quivering of the hands to signify heat from fire. This emphasises the meaning of the words:

Kua tukua mai eneitaonga kia tatou katoa (These precious gifts have been given to us)

Te Pono, te Tumanako, me te Aroha (Faith, Hope and Love)

Ka kii mai a koe “He ahe me te nui” (You ask of me, “What is the Greatest of these”)

Whakarongo ake ki au, kia mau mahara tonu, (Listen to me carefully, so that you will always remember)

Te Aroha, Te Aroha, Te Aroha (It is love, it is love it is love).

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