Pearl & Yeo Cups Are A Runaway Success

Senior 13-16 +1 More Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: October 6th 2020

Pearl & Yeo Cups Girls Group

On Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th September Senior School pupils grabbed their trainers and headed up to the top fields for this year’s Pearl and Yeo Cups cross country races.

The 4th Form and Lower Fifth were up first on the Monday in their year group bubbles whilst the Upper Fifth and Sixth Form followed suit on Tuesday. As usual there were some incredible individual performances and although Houses were unable to come together to spectate the events this year, year group bubbles cheered on their classmates as they awaited their turn to compete.

Well done to all those who took part and congratulations to the pupils who came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and to the winning Houses.

  4th Form Girls Lower Fifth Girls Upper Fifth Girls Lower Sixth Girls Upper Sixth Girls
1st  Trotman Alliott Alliott Young Tee
2nd Young Trotman Young Alliott Alliott
3rd Tee Young Tee Trotman Benson
4th Alliott Benson Trotman Tee Young
5th Benson Tee Benson Benson Trotman


  4th Form Boys Lower Fifth Boys Upper Fifth Boys Lower Sixth Boys Upper Sixth Boys
1st Sutton Sutton Sutton Sutton Sutton
2nd Hayward Collett Hayward Hayward Rowe
3rd Collett RPH Collett Rowe Hayward
4th Rowe Hayward Rowe Collett Collett


  Junior Girls Junior Boys Senior Girls Senior Boys
1st Meisha Trend-Evans Sami Zemzami Sophie Magson James Hotson

Pearl & Yeo Cups Trotman Girls Pearl & Yeo Cups Hayward Boy

Pearl & Yeo Cups Boys Running Pearl & Yeo Cups Alliott Girl

Pearl & Yeo Cups RPH BoyPearl & Yeo Cups Girls Running

Pearl & Yeo Cups Boy Group Pearl & Yeo Cups Pupils Running

Pearl & Yeo Cups Tee House Girl Pearl & Yeo Cups Boys Running in Group

Pearl & Yeo Cups Rowe House Boy Pearl & Yeo Cups Young House Girl

Pearl & Yeo Cups Boys Running Pearl & Yeo Cups Benson House Girl