Pupils Rap about Science Safety

Prep 7-13
Posted on: September 30th 2020

Science Safety Rap (1) Science Safety Rap (2)

1. Let's Talk About Safety in the Science Lab                             2. Don't Eat or Drink

Science Safety Rap (3) Science Safety Rap (4)

3. Don't Put Anything in a Socket                                 4. Follow Teachers' Instructions

Science Safety Rap (5)

5. Wear Goggles

Three Lower Third pupils, George, Manny and Thomas, decided to create an informative and imaginative rap about safety rules in the Science Labs in one of their science lessons last week. Rapping to the tune of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘10 Duel Commandments’, from the hit musical Hamilton, the boys performed their rap in class and even had dance movements to go alongside it.

I’m a teach you so listen to me,

Rules in the lab. 1,2,3

First, put on your glasses,

Uh huh, so that no gas passes,

Second, check with your teacher,

Can you do it? No need to be a preacher,

Third, check your equipment,

Make sure no bubble-gum, even spearmint,

Fourth, be careful all the time,

This rule is real prime,

Fifth, stand up tall,

So no chemicals can get on you at all,

Sixth, listen to instruction,

Find a place with no further interruption,

Seventh, make sure to get it straight,

Follow the instructions, make no mistake,

Eighth, double check everything is right,

Pick up the beakers, get a doctor on site,

Joking, ninth, its pouring time,

Get a mat and stand in line,

Then, do it!

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