All-Round Fun for Lower Fifth

Senior 13-16
Posted on: September 24th 2020

L5th Rounders Boy Batting

On the afternoon of Thursday 17th September, it was the Lower Fifth pupils’ turn to battle it out in a Mixed House Rounders Tournament. In their year group bubble, the Houses teamed up with their partner Houses and cheered each other on in their quest to be crowned House Rounders Champions.

L5th Rounders Young House L5th Rounders RPH

L5th Rounders Collett Boy Throwing L5th Rounders Trotman Girl Batting

After a gripping series of matches, the winners had been decided; congratulations to the Trotman and Robert Pearce House team who won the A team competition and the Tee and Hayward House team who won the B team competition. 

L5th Rounders Hayward L5th Rounders Alliott

L5th Rounders Rowe Boy Running L5th Rounders Tee Girl Catching

L5th Rounders Benson House L5th Rounders Sutton House


A Team Competition

1st - Trotman/RPH      12 points
2nd - Young/Rowe    8 points
3rd - Benson/Sutton 6 points
4th - Alliott/Collett     3 points
5th - Tee/Hayward  2 points


B Team Competition

1st - Tee/Hayward    8 points
2nd - Benson/Sutton  6 points
3rd - Young/Rowe    5 points
4th - Trotman/RPH  0 points

(Alliott and Collett Houses did not have enough players for a B team).   

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