Let the Games Begin!

Prep 7-13 +1 More Senior 13-16
Posted on: September 11th 2020

Prep School Boys playing rugby

Prep and Senior School pupils have been picking up tennis racquets, hockey sticks, rugby balls and cricket bats once again as they resumed their Games lessons this week.

Whilst Prep School girls have been focussing on cricket and hockey, practising their throwing, catching, dribbling and targeting skills, Prep School boys were thrilled to be back on the top fields playing rugby once again in their bubbles.

Prep School girl playing cricket Prep School girls playing hockey

Prep School boy throwing rugby ball

4th Form and Lower Fifth boys were back on the All-Weather-Surface Courts enjoying the sunshine whilst playing tennis and practicing their serves, whilst the girls carried out several hockey drills, developing their teamwork and accuracy skills, after an energising warm-up session.

Senior School girls playing hockey together Senior School boy serving in tennis 

Senior School boys playing tennis Senior School girls playing hockey