Welcome Back Senior School Boarders

Senior 13-16
Posted on: August 24th 2020

Boarders stepping out of minibus

Senior School boarders have started to return to the College campus in preparation for the beginning of the new school term in September.

Greeted by Head of Boarding, Richard Honey and Trotman Housemistress, Sarah Wyatt, boarders were welcomed back to the College campus, shown to their new rooms, complete with welcome gift bags, and have begun to settle back into College life.

So far, boarders have been keeping themselves busy by getting to know one another, spending time together bonding, meeting new House residents and staff and playing various outside activities such as badminton and croquet.

Boarders playing badminton Welcome gift bag for boarders

Boarders playing croquet 

With more boarders due to return over the coming week, we are looking forward to welcoming back the whole College community in September.

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