Lower Third Voice Their Favourite Characters

Prep 7-13
Posted on: July 9th 2020

Lower Third pupils have been working hard in Prep School drama, creating their own audio books from stories they enjoy reading. Tasked with voicing all the characters, adding sound effects, music and editing the entire project, pupils had to think hard about how they thought the characters would sound and the best timing for sound effects and music. 

Babafewa A - "The highway rat was a bandit that stole everybody’s food. I have had this story ever since I was a child and really enjoy reading it which is why I chose to create it as my radio play."

Georgia R  - "I chose Goldilocks as my Radio Script because I have always loved the storyline. There are so many different voices so I thought it would be appropriate to choose. I loved recording my audio and it was so fun with all the different voices." 

Josh G - "I chose this story because I have always been a fan of the franchise. The story I chose was the ending scene from the hobbit battle of the 5 armies."

Check back each week as more audiobooks will be added! 



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