Made In Lockdown

Whole College
Posted on: July 7th 2020


As many people up and down the country, the Bishop’s Stortford College community has been busy developing new skills and revisiting old ones to pass the time whilst staying at home.

To celebrate the creativity of pupils, parents and staff during lockdown, Senior School Head of Design and Technology, John Trant, reached out to the College community and as a result has produced the ‘Made in Lockdown’ exhibition which showcases the incredible items made since the end of March.

From elderflower cordial to painting by numbers artwork, from origami to a spider’s guesthouse and from face shields to fixing up a 1968 Series IIa Airportable Lightweight Land Rover, the exhibition illustrates the variety and diversity of projects undertaken. Over 80 ‘pieces’ were submitted for the exhibition.

Mr Trant commented, “I confess that I underestimated hugely the extraordinary volume and variety of work that I would receive when I made the appeal for submissions to ‘Made in Lockdown’ in June. The artefacts, food, art works and projects that have been submitted are all incredible…  It has simply been a pleasure to empathise with the feelings of achievement and satisfaction that each and every contributor will surely have felt as they completed and submitted their ‘makes’.”