Gladwin Award Winners Announced

Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: July 8th 2020

During the Summer term, alongside subject seminars accessing content usually studied at undergraduate level, Upper Sixth students have had the chance to dive deep into their chosen area of study at university and complete some research for the Gladwin Award.

For the award, students were first tasked to undertake an undergraduate level online research skills course prepared by the College and then to research further into either a topic related to their chosen university course or, should they wish, a wider topic of interest.

Students could enter either the Gladwin Research Essay Award, which involved condensing their research into a 3000-word essay and also produce a five-minute video aimed at a non-expert audience and a poster, or the Gladwin Research Artefact Award which requires students to deliver a product, a research-informed report, a video and a poster. Entries were graded from Award to Distinction by supervisors and the shortlisted projects were later judged by the Headmaster and College Governor, Professor Graeme Barker, St John’s College, Cambridge.

Students rose to the challenge of completing undergraduate level research and all projects were executed to a very high standard. Professor Barker commented that he really enjoyed looking at the materials and with so many impressive projects, it was difficult to separate the prize winners from amongst the Distinction-worthy entries.

Gladwin Essay Award Prize Winner:

“All that is new in literature is reworking of what is old.” To What Extent is this True of J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, and of what significance is this? By Elizabeth K

Gladwin award 2

Highly Commended:

The Use of Palladium Catalysed Cross Coupling Reactions in Natural Product Synthesis by Luke F

Gladwin award 4

What is the Future of Mitral Valve Surgery? By Alex S

Gladwin award 1

Gladwin Artefact Award Prize Winner:

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Simulate Incompressible Flow by Thomas P-M

Gladwin award 5

Highly Commended:

The Recall Monologues by Harry Belton

Gladwin award 3

Many congratulations to all who entered the Gladwin Award. We hope it has given our Upper Sixth students confidence for further studies and life as they embark on the next steps in their academic journey.

Katie Banks

Head of Sixth Form



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