House Challenge and Looking After Each Other

Senior 13-16
Posted on: May 6th 2020

As everyone adapts to new ways of living and learning, a couple of our Senior School Houses have come up with innovative ways of keeping the mind and body healthy.

Sutton House have been holding a 5k Challenge and raising money for Run For Heroes. So far over 20 boys have completed the Challenge, raising over £100 to date. One of them, JP, has actually completed the run everyday since lockdown! Mr Atkinson, Miss Michell and Mr Tether have also donned their running shoes to complete the 5K Challenge. Well done!

Sutton 5kSutton 5k2Sutton 5k ChallengeDunphy







Mr Atkinson

You can also see former College pupil and Suttonite Philip Carpenter in action every day as he leads high energy workouts during his live Facebook broadcasts. Join him on Free Lockdown Fitness Community. 

Meanwhile, next door in Benson House, the girls have been checking in with each other for learning resources and general well being. Here is a video they put together...



Stay safe and well everyone.

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