The Prep School "Grow a £2 Coin" Challenge

Prep 7-13
Posted on: April 9th 2020

Earlier in the Spring Term, in February, Prep School pupils were given a charity challenge  to 'grow a £2 coin'. Pupils immediately set about using their creative thinking skills for how they might increase the value of their coin and raise funds for local charities.

Angus B had originally planned to do a 1 mile sponsored run but the national lockdown put paid to this and he had to have a rethink.  Over a couple of days he thought about what he might be able to achieve from home that would also work with his remote learning schedule.  He came up with the idea of creating some original art that he could sell to friends and family through his Daddy's social media account. He purchased 8 square canvases on line, sketched and planned his creations and using a range of different media, including paint, felt tips and pencils brought his ideas to life. 

Grow £2 challenge


Commenting on the project his father said, "We’ve been really proud of his concentration and commitment to raising money for charity. Today we sold the last piece of art and as people have been very generous, we have raised £160."

From sponsored silences and bunting creation to lockdown quizzes, model making and bake sales. From card making, plant selling and portrait drawing to dog walking, house chores and curry cooking! These are just a few of the ideas that our pupils came up with in order to complete the 'Grow a £2 Coin' charity challenge. 
The charities chosen to benefit from this fundraising are: Salvation Army, Food Bank, Samaritans, Winter Night Shelter and Grove Cottage. Every single brilliant fundraising effort has helped us make a wonderful difference to these charities in the Bishop's Stortford community. 
Grow 2 coin 2 Grow 2 coin 4 
Pg 7 grow 2 1
So far, 45 pupils have returned their £2 'loan' and between them they have made £2,160 - a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of these pupils. 

Grow 2 coin 5 


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