Miss Callow's Challenge

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: April 6th 2020

Miss Callow has issued a number of challenges to Pre-Prep pupils, who as usual have come up with some really creative ideas.

What can you do with a piece of A4 paper?

Decorated paper airplane Castle made out of paper with light in the centre Yellow paper origami bird Pre-Prep girl with origami Pre-Prep girl with pink origami rabbit Pre-Prep boy with paper penguin drawingPre-Prep boy with paper goggles Pre-Prep girl with green origami paper fan

As part of their reward, one pupil from each year group whose work, Miss Callow felt was particularly creative, got to give Miss Callow a challenge back. Her challenges were as follows:

  1. To recreate a famous piece of art by dressing up. (Miss Callow chose 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' by Johannes Vermeer)
  2. To draw a self-portrait
  3. To draw a swan
Here's what Miss Callow produced. 
Girl with pearl earring  Girl with pearl earring 2
Self portraitSwan drawing
Miss Callow said, "They were very challenging, but great fun to do! I have thanked the people who challenged me, and hope I have risen to the challenge!"
* * * 

Another wonderful piece of Easter Holiday creative work was a stop frame animation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. What can you repurpose?

Trash CIty  ice cream parlour Merrygoround trash city Trash City Swimming pool Pre-Prep girl with a trash castle

What's growing in your garden?

Pre-Prep boy Planting Seeds Fairy gardens Pre-Prep girl making Flower Baskets

And something really special...

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