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Senior 13-16
Posted on: March 24th 2020

Superb Swimming at Bath and Otter Cups

Bath and Otter Cups Group

Following on from the success of five College swimmers who qualified for the Essex County Championships, two teams of 12 Senior School College swimmers travelled to the London Aquatic Centre on Friday 13th March for the annual Bath and recently renamed John Nalson (formerly Otter) Cups Relay Championships.  

Although the atmosphere was a bit more subdued than normal as a result of half of the competing schools pulling out of the competition, the College swimmers were still determined to enjoy themselves and dove in headfirst to face the challenges ahead.  

Bath and Otter Cups BSC Bath and Otter Cups Pep Talk

A sprightly pep-talk and some group exercise sessions geared them up for the first set of events, freestyle. Giving some outstanding performances both teams of boys and girls made it through to the finals. The girls, Meisha T-E, Laura H, Isabella G and Lilian O finished in 3rd place, whilst the boys, James G, Angus T, Bryn C and Nick B finished in 6th place.  

After a restful lunch break the medley events were up next and once again, both teams qualified for the finals. Taking on the backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle, the girls, made up of Meisha T-E, Paige S, Jess P and Lilian O finished 5th, whilst the boys’ team, consisting of Tom A, Bryn C, Nick B and James G finished 3rd.  

Bath and Otter Cups Girls Team Third Place Bath and Otter Cups Boys Team Third Place

Congratulations to all for a fantastic day of swimming.