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Senior 13-16
Posted on: March 17th 2020

Fantastischer Deutscher Austausch

German Exchange Group

Last week, from Friday 6th – 13th March, the College welcomed sixteen German exchange students and two teachers from the Heinrich-Heine Gymnasium in Heikendorf for a week’s stay with their host families. Marking the 21st German Exchange with the Heinrich-Heine Gymnasium, the exchange students experienced the best of what the College has to offer, played a game of netball and taught some basic German vocabulary to Pre-Prep pupils, as well as venturing into Bishop’s Stortford town centre, London and Cambridge.

German Exchange playing netball German Exchange talk with Gary

Lycka and Lucas, two of the German exchange students, spoke about the wonderful time they have had at the College in last week’s Senior School assembly:

“Hallo, we are from the Heinrich-Heine-Schule in the north of Germany and here as a part of the English-German exchange. We arrived here last Friday and spent the weekend with our host families. On Saturday, my host family and I visited Cambridge. Afterwards, in the evening, we went go karting together with some of my friends and their English exchanges. On Sunday my host family and I visited London where we saw some of the famous landmarks such as the Tower of London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament.

We want to thank you for the opportunity to visit your College. It is a wonderful experience for all of us. We hope that our English exchange partners enjoyed their time with us in Germany as much as we have here in the past few days.

German Exchange pupils on tour of campus German Exchange talk with Graham

We are very excited about the rest of our time here. We were very happy to spend a typical school day at your College. Over the next few days, we are going to visit London and will have a tour of Saint John’s College in Cambridge.

Thank you very much and we really hope you will come and visit Germany one day!”

Each year the relationship between our two schools continues to flourish. We look forward to next year’s exchange!