An Ode to Shakespeare

Prep 7-13
Posted on: March 13th 2020

Library Challenge Prep School

Prep School pupils have taken the most recent Prep School Library Challenge by force with their creative yet varied submissions for this term’s Shakespeare themed activity. Ms Hall, our Prep School Librarian, invited all Prep School pupils to take part in several Shakespeare challenges including creating their own model Globe Theatres, presenting ’10 facts about the Globe’ in any form they wished and also illustrating Shakespeare’s family tree.

Prep Library Challenge Globe Theatre Prep School Library Challenge Globe Theatre

Prep School Library Globe Theatre Clay Model Prep Library Globe Model  

The submissions were artistic, imaginative and diverse and the pupils have found many interesting ways to display Shakespeare’s family tree, one even using a real tree branch! ‘10 facts about the Globe’ proved to be the most popular task and has not only generated some excellent and thorough research into Shakespeare’s life and the Globe Theatre, but also some simply outstanding projects including several rap performances.

Shakespeare Library Challenge Globe Diagram Shakespeare Library Challenge

Shakespeare Challenge Family Tree Prep Library Challenge Shakespeare Rap

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