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Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: March 11th 2020

Reception Celebrate 100 Days Milestone

Pre-Prep 100 Days Maths Challenge

Thursday 5th March marked our Reception pupils’ 100th day in the Pre-Prep. To celebrate the occasion pupils took part in various maths related activities and challenges which focussed on the number 100. Enormous towers were built using 100 cups, models were constructed with 100 sticks and a very long line of 100 dominoes traversed the classroom floor. Then, putting their imaginative and artistic skills to the test, they ‘looked into the future’ and drew pictures of what they think they will look like 100 years from now!

Pre-Prep 100 Days Challenges Pre-Prep 100 Days Dominoes

Pre-Prep 100 Days Cup Tower Pre-Prep 100 Days pupil drawings

The day ended with an exciting outdoor hunt to locate a hidden treasure chest containing a prize, but the pupils could only use 100 steps to find it. Using their mathematical knowledge and careful strategy the pupils discovered the chest within their 100-step limit and claimed their prize of 100 gold coins!

Pre-Prep 100 Days Treasure Hunt Pre-Prep 100 Days Gold Coins