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Posted on: March 9th 2020

Pupils Battle for Pre-Prep

Roman Invasion pupils marching

Pupils from Lower Shell ‘invaded’ the Pre-Prep last Thursday as part of their Roman history topic. To ensure their ‘invasion’ was accurate, pupils practiced their Roman military strategy including the ‘testudo formation’ and ‘equites repellere’, two types of shield walls, before marching up the hill to Pre-Prep. Commands such as ‘impetus’ (attack) and ‘silentium’ (silence) were also rehearsed so the pupils were well-drilled and prepared for the invasion. 

Roman Invasion Preparation Roman Invasion Tactics 

Roman Invasion Battle Cries Roman Invasion Shields

Drums were beaten, pipes were played and battle cries pierced the skis as the mighty Lower Shell legionnaries marched up the hill. After conquering the Year 2 ‘barbarians’ in their own building the ‘legionaries’ ordered them to turn their jumpers inside out and put their shoes on the wrong feet! The Roman Army then put to the test and completed the ‘testudo’ and ‘repel cavalry’ formations on the playground to protect themselves from the barbarians’ attack. Luckily their defences were water-tight and their shields demonstrated how they would have deflected spears and javelins away from a soldier’s body. 

Roman Invasion Marching Roman Invasion at Pre-Prep

Roman Invasion Year 2 pupils Roman Invasion Formation

Both sides battled courageously and the exercise gave Lower Shell pupils a real sense of how it might have felt to invade another land and be part of a trained Roman army.