Prep School Pupils Say it with Poetry

Prep 7-13
Posted on: February 12th 2020

On Monday 10th and Wednesday 12th February, in the week of the Festival of Literature, a representative from each of the classes in the Prep School performed their poetry recital to a packed hall of school friends, staff and judges.  Each of the 23 pupils should feel extremely proud of their achievements. They spoke eloquently and with such confidence, showing a clear understanding of the poet’s intent.  The finalists all received a certificate from Mr Toleman and a beautiful glass commemorative trophy was awarded to the winner of each age group.

Junior Poetry Declamations - Shell-Form 2

Junior Poetry Declamations finalists 2020 with Paul Jackson

  1. Winner : Alice H 
  2. Second Place : Henry C
  3. Third Place : Isabella J  

Alice wins Junior Poetry Declamations 2020

 Senior Poetry Declamations - Lower 3rd-Upper 3rd

Senior Poetry Declamations Finalists 2020

  1. Winner : Luke T
  2. Second Place : Maya D
  3. Third Place : Madeline P

Luke wins Senior Poetry Declamations 2020

  Well done to all our finalists!

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