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Sixth Form 16-18 +1 More Senior 13-16
Posted on: February 5th 2020

Inaugural Inter-House Badminton Tournament

Senior school inter house badminton teams 2020

On Friday 31st January the Senior School held a new House Event: House Badminton. Boys and girls played alongside each other on two courts each, giving everyone the chance to mix and see how their ‘combined’ houses (Sutton-Benson, RPH-Trotman, Rowe-Young, Hayward-Tee, Collett-Alliott) were doing as well. 

In the Girls' event, Young House won all 4 matches, just clinching a win against Trotman House by 1 ‘deciding point’, (level when the 10 minutes were up). Alliott came 3rd overall gaining 2 wins, Tee 4th (1 win) and Benson 5th. It was an envoyable event for all involved and each team won a respectable number of points along the way with several close matches and excellent rallies despite wins or losses.   

Inter House Badminton Tournament 2020 Rowe House at Inter House Badminton 2020

Young House at Inter House Badminton 2020 DSCN0699

In the Boys' event, Hayward House brought out the ‘Big Guns’ with brothers Dan and Charlie E giving a class performance throughout their matches. Their closest match was against Collett, who lost to them 38-12 in the 10 minute matches.  A very high standard of play by all of the teams, including those who do not play Badminton as their main sport!  The overall results were: Hayward Winners, Rowe House 2nd, Sutton 3rd, Collett 4th and RPH 5th.   

It was a very enjoyable evening with a friendly atmosphere as well as a competitive element – everyone should feel proud of themselves!