Prep School Art Scholars Put to the Test

Prep 7-13
Posted on: January 31st 2020

On the afternoon of Tuesday 28th January, ten excited Upper Third Art Scholars walked down to the Senior School Art Department nervously clutching their portfolios. This was their opportunity to impress, and the possibility of being awarded an Art Scholarship when they join the Senior School in September.  A big occasion for them all! 

Prep school artwork for senior school scholarship

It is the culmination of two years of extra study at home and on a Thursday afternoon, when the rest of the school are busy doing a variety of extra-curricular activities. The group of Sophie B, Tallulah D, Lottie D, Imogen P, Edward R, Barnaby T, Tara T, TJ T and Bo V,  along with external candidates, met with Head of Art Charlotte Munck and Teach er of Art Christopher Sutherland. They were given a tour of the impressive Art Department building and were individually interviewed, giving them the chance to chat about their work and their artistic influences. 

During their time in the Prep School, the group have been able to develop their own styles, improve their drawing and painting techniques and experiment with specialist media. This has resulted in experimental sketchbooks, large works on canvas and the obligatory set of four still life squares. After discussing their portfolios, all the hopefuls undertook the dreaded drawing test. Although a little stressful at the time, it is vital for those assessing to see which objects and materials individuals choose and how they plan and execute a composition under pressure. The group returned to the Prep School glowing with pride and relieved it was all over! 

We look forward to seeing who has been successful.    

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