Strong Team Spirit in Senior House Rugby

Prep 7-13
Posted on: November 27th 2019

Bsc 9663

Well done to all the boys in Lower and Upper Third for an excellent afternoon of Senior House Rugby on Wednesday 27th November and congratulations to Newbury House on coming first in the Upper Third tournament and to Grimwade House, who won the Lower Third event.

Upper 3rd Results

  1. Newbury
  2. Westfield
  3. Grimwade
  4. Monk Jones

Dscn0862 Upper 3rd house rugby 2019

Dscn0861 Dscn0860

Bsc 9705 Bsc 9693

Bsc 9656 Bsc 9688

Lower 3rd Results

  1. Grimwade
  2. Westfield
  3. Monk Jones
  4. Newbury

Players of the Upper 3rd tournament were George T and Miles L-T, while players of the Lower 3rd tournament were: Alex C B and Nathan L.

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