Extended Project Qualifications 2015-16

The Extended Project aims to inspire, enthuse and motivate students by providing learners with the skills that Higher Education institutions and employers look for through the encouragement of independent study. It gives pupils the opportunity to pursue an area of study of their choice. This can be an extension of an area of the syllabus that has captured their interest or something outside the curriculum they have a curiosity in.

How will AI affect the future of our species; can we survive without it or could it lead to the extinction of our species?

Alex turley pound image 1"Artificial Intelligence could be the most promising, ground breaking achievement in scientific history. AI also has the potential to become the greatest threat humanity will ever face. Our path takes us to precipice of change which could lead to disaster or success for our species; AI could be the deciding factor. I have focused my project on investigating such possibilities from the realms of science fiction to science fact."

Alexander Turley-Pound


How did Napoleon become such a significant figure within France and how did he manage to lose this power by 1815?

Holly collier image 2png

"My project looks into how Napoleon became such a significant figure within France, rising from a lowly Corsican Army officer to first consul of France. It also then considers how he managed to lose this power by 1815, going from being regarded as a national 'saviour' to being banished to exile."

Holly Collier

Are Biological Agents an Effective Method of Mass Destruction?

Elizabeth farrant image 1

"This is a project detailing the use of biological agents throughout history as well as different pathogens which could possibly be used as biological agents. The project also details legislation placed which prevents the use of biological agents. However, the project mainly focuses on the development of the biological weapons programmes Unit 731 (Japan) and Biopreparat (Soviet Union), and also contains a comparison of the two programmes."    

Elizabeth Farrant 

How far can we blame a rise of Nationalistic feeling for the Wars in Yugoslavia 1991-1995?

Christina radukic image 1"My project explores the Yugoslav Wars of 1991-95 and explores the various causes behind it. I focus particularly upon the rise of nationalistic ideology and how this shaped the future of the region, as well as how the international community dealt with 'the problem in their backyard'."

Christina Radukic


What relevance does the Magna Carta have in today's world?

Jake gransbury image 2

"My presentation is about the relevance of the Magna Carta in today's world. In the project I have looked at how this ancient document has influenced and shaped our world today. I also look at the arguments for and against the Magna Carta being relevant as there are many who believe it to be a document created in the past which is no longer relevant."

Jake Gransbury

History of Fashion: Swimwear through the Ages

Georgie palmer image 2"I have always been interested in fashion and decided to further my knowledge by choosing to do my EPQ on a certain area of it. I decided to look at the history of fashion and create a bikini inspired by the 1920s. My EPQ has broadened my knowledge of swimwear and given me many skills for the future."

Georgie Palmer

Women in Mathematics: how the struggles for female mathematicians have changed through history – a study.

Victoria farrant image 2Victoria farrant image 1

"A research project to discover the main struggles and obstacles that female mathematicians have faced in studying mathematics through history. The project is focused on four mathematicians Hypatia in approximately 500AD to women in the 20th Century, such as Emmy Noether. It is focused on the discrimination that these women faced from their male contemporaries and is a really fascinating study."

Victoria Farrant

The Evolution of Language

Ben corti tyler image 2

"Since the beginnings of the human race, it has been language that has separated us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Yet the language we first spoke is unrecognisable to humans today. Through looking at the history of Britain to see the formation of Old English, as well as looking at the world around us today, we can see not only how language evolves, but also why it does so. "

Benedict Corti-Tyler

To what extent could stem cell research change modern medicine?

"To what extent could stem cell research change modern medicine? My project attempts to evaluate the way in which medicine could be altered and improved through the introductCharlotte pickwick image 1ion of stem cell therapies.

I aim to do this through the analysis of four diseases as examples of the potential effects stem cell therapies could have, and also careful consideration of the ethical and regulatory issues of the research itself."

Charlotte Pickwick


Cancer Immunotherapy

"Cancer immunotherapy, a promising new cancer treatment, is the topic of my EPQ. I have been using different resources, including attending Summer School at University and a work experience at an Oncology Medicine department in hospital. In the final dissertation, I discuss my understandings of various areas that interested me to explore further when I was carrying out my primary research."

Roy Lin

The exploration of a blistering autoimmune disease - how it develops and how it's treated.

The exploration of a blistering autoimmune disease - how it develops and how it's treated. This will be an insight into how an array of molecular mechanisms are brought together to cause a disorder which affects 25 in a million. (Please come along if you're interested in the cell and molecular biology of disease).

Billy Fisher