At the Old Stortfordian Society our greatest assets are our inspirational Old Stortfordians (OS). Our OS members have followed diverse educational and career pathways after leaving the College and have gained a wealth of experience along the way.

Our recent leavers and current College pupils are tomorrow’s Old Stortfordians so it would be wonderful if our OS could share their life experiences with them as they make important decisions about their future.

Sharing knowledge and experience with other OS or current pupils would be invaluable in providing them with first hand insight into life in the ‘real’ world.

If you feel that you may be in a position to assist OS starting out on their career journey or support current pupils with insight into your career path or current role by offering internships to OS, giving a lecture or running a workshop with current pupils, providing CV critique, interview practice, mentoring or even the provision of work shadowing or work placements we would love to hear from you. For current pupils, we would work alongside our Higher Education & Careers team here at the College to ensure that pupils could benefit from your assistance and wealth of expertise but for OS we are able to foster relationships directly.

Contact: Jennifer Law


Old Stortfordian to Old Stortfordian Career Guidance and Networking     

Our Old Stortfordian Society professional networking group on LinkedIn continues to grow in size and is an invaluable resource for Old Stortfordians to communicate with each other in a professional environment.

If you are a recent graduate or are looking to take the next step in your career you may find a valuable OS contact in your chosen sector within our LinkedIn membership. This is a closed group so you can be confident that all members are genuine Old Stortfordians. In these tough economic times sector contacts can prove priceless in gaining a foothold in your career.

Professional networking events have now been added to our OS events calendar. These small scale, career sector specific, networking events have already proved valuable to those that have attended them.  Please do join our LinkedIN group to make valuable contacts and keep up to date with forthcoming events. The more active the membership of the group, the more effective it will become in building a professional Old Stortfordian networking community.