Old Stortfordian Society

Welcome from Alastair Lukies CBE, President 2019-21

Headshot Al Lukies.jpg 1A warm welcome to The Old Stortfordian section of the College website, which will take you on a tour of what the Old Stortfordian Society can offer you, how we are set up, and a careers section which we hope will be the precursor to OS members offering careers advice and help to school pupils and recent leavers.

We aim to help members get together by arranging social and sporting events, and in so doing, keep OS informed of the progress of our old school.

I look forward to meeting you during my term as President, and also that, in the meantime, you enjoy some of the events we are arranging.

With best wishes

Alastair D. Lukies CBE (GH, AH, 80-90)

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OS Past Presidents can be found here.

The OS Committee and Officers are listed here.

Get involved!

The more that our members engage with the Society the stronger and more dynamic that it will become so please find below a number of ways that you can get involved with the Old Stortfordian Society:

  1. Join other OS at upcoming social events and support OS teams at OS vs College sporting fixtures.
  2. Contact us with any changed details: address, email, career, births, deaths or marriages.
  3. Find us on Facebook ‘ The Old Stortfordian Society’ to keep up to date with news, events and photographs or join us on the professional networking site www.linkedIn.com. Search for The Old Stortfordian Society and improve your contacts with those in your industry sector. Follow us on Twitter @oldstortfordian
  4. Pledge to offer careers advice to current pupils or those OS just starting out in their careers. This could be in the form of mentoring, giving a talk or Q & A session at the school or offering work experience or an internship within your industry.
  5. Help us research your year group and missing members – we have lots of gaps that we need to fill in!
  6. Notify the OS office of ideas for the development of the organisation or of news and events in your lives and we can update the wider OS through OS News or our Facebook page.
  7. Organise an informal event for your contemporaries and friends – let us know it is happening and if we can assist in the organisation of the event in any way.
  8. Become a regional co-ordinator for the OS Society and help the OS office to keep in touch and organise events at a local level.

OS Sports Clubs

The OS Society has a very active sporting scene.

OS Cricket

The OS face a College Cricket X1 in a 20/20 match at our annual OS President’s Family Fun Day hosted at the Doggart on the last Sunday in June.

If you are interested in playing cricket for the OS during this match please get in touch with Jennifer Law.

OS Golf Society

The OS Golf Society is vibrant and enthusiastic and is made up of dedicated members. Annually, the OSGS enjoys a good itinerary and events are very well attended but they are always looking for enthusiastic new members.

The Old Stortfordian Golf Society Membership Secretary is Keith Turner.

OS Staff Liaison Officer Simon Lipscombe (HH 90-95 & current Teacher at the College) arranges the School vs OSGS Golf event at BSGC every August, at the end of the College summer holidays. Annually this proves to be a jovial yet hard fought fixture.

OS Ladies Hockey

The OS vs College Ladies Hockey match is hosted annually on the evening of the first Friday of the Autumn term and attracts a great mix of OS players and spectators. It truly is a fantastic opportunity to see two talented ladies' hockey teams in action.

A wonderful spirit of determination and teamwork characterises the OS team which often includes OS ladies whose leaving dates can span from 1986 right up to present, despite only playing together for the first time as a team during the match an outstanding effort is always made by all. The College 1st X1 use the fixture as part of their preseason training schedule and the nature of the match, although very good spirited, sees a staunch determination by both sides to try to emerge victorious.

If you are interested in playing for the OS Ladies Hockey Team please contact Jennifer Law.

OS Rugby

An annual Rugby Match is played between the Old Stortfordian XV and College 1st XV and this normally takes place on the first Sunday in December.

Each year, a member of the 1st XV School Rugby team is selected to receive the Jimmy Greenhill Trophy for outstanding performance and contribution. This trophy is presented at the Annual Rugby Club Dinner and retained for a year. The Old Stortfordian Society also present the recipient of this trophy with a Jimmy Greenhill Silver Spoon which they get to keep.

Our OS Rugby Representative is Stuart Findlay

OS Swimming Club

The Club has some very keen members who participate in the annual Water Polo Tournament, which is held in October at our fantastic College pool.

Our OS Swimming representative is Mike Claridge.

The OS Benevolent Fund

The Old Stortfordian Benevolent Fund was established by Deed in 1948.  The funds may be used as the Trustees think fit for any of the following purposes:

(i) The assistance or benefit of any of the following persons whom the Trustees shall, in their absolute discretion, consider to be in need and deserving of assistance out of the Fund by reason of poverty or illness (whether mental or physical), physical injury or other misfortune, that is to say:

(a) any Old Stortfordian

(b) the wife or widow or any child or children of any Old Stortfordian and

(c) any person or persons whom the Trustees believe to be wholly or mainly dependent on any Old Stortfordian or to have been so dependent on any Old Stortfordian at the time of his/her death.

(ii) the education or maintenance at the College of any boy/girl whom the Trustees may, in their absolute discretion, consider suitable to be educated at the College and by reason of the insufficiency or any other means available for his/her education or maintenance or otherwise for the benefit of any such boy/girl during such period (including holidays) as he/she may be entered (whether as a border or a day boy/girl) at the College.

If you think you or you know of someone who might qualify or benefit from the Fund, please contact the Trustees c/o Richard Price or call on 01279 657675.

The Old Stortfordian Lodge

Old Stortfordian Lodge No.5721

Being a School Lodge means that The Old Stortfordian Lodge not only has Freemasonry at heart but also its connections with the College, too. Apart from the various ceremonies performed during the year, which are fun and rewarding to do, the Lodge prides itself on its fellowship and friendship. Funds raised go towards hospices and to many other needy organisations, both Masonic and non-Masonic.

Once a Freemason, you are permitted to visit Lodges throughout the UK and all over the world. Freemasonry is international and has one aim; to promote friendship and goodwill amongst all people and to be happy.

To become a member of the OS Lodge you will need a proposer and someone to second you. This should not be a problem if you are really interested in becoming a member of this much respected organisation.

Freemasonry is not a secret society and does not cost a lot of money. It is a Charity, but you can determine your own level of contribution. There is a Lodge subscription payable each year and you pay for dinner after each Regular Meeting – the rest is up to you!

OS, their brothers, fathers, sons, sons-in-law, Governors of the College, Masters and past Masters of the College and anyone who has a very direct association with the College can become a member. A link with the College is an essential element to membership of the Old Stortfordian Lodge.

For the past couple of years, several of the OS Lodge members have gathered with numerous friends (both freemasons and non-freemasons) at The Hotel Britannia Excelsior on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. The Hotel is run by OS, Ross Whieldon, his wife Doriana, son, Tom and daughter-in-law Pia, also both OS. Ross was Master of the OS Lodge in 2011 and Tom followed him in 2015. Anyone interested in the Lake Como gathering should contact John Rycroft for more information.

If you are interested in making a commitment to having the friendship and camaraderie within the Old Stortfordian Lodge, we would be delighted to hear from you.

The Old Stortfordian Lodge No 5721 meets at the Masonic Hall, Vantorts Road, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9AJ on the second Saturday of March, June, October and December.  For 2019 the dates are:

Saturday 16th March (installation) - afternoon
Saturday 8th June - afternoon
Saturday 12th October - afternoon
Saturday 14th December - morning

The March/June/October meetings start at 4pm, while the December meeting starts at 10am.

Please contact the Old Stortfordian Lodge Secretary, Stephen Appelman or call on 01279 506785 or contact John Rycroft for more information.

The Hasbro Club (1913 - 1982)

Many Old Stortfordians will have fond memories of time spent on the North Norfolk coast at Church Farm, Happisburgh.  Following the death of Digby Wakeman (SH/AH, 44-48) in 2009, the remaining Officers felt it was an appropriate time to pass remaining Club funds to the OS Society.  It was the responsibility of the OS Committee to allocate these funds in the form of fitting tributes to the Hasbro’ Club for the benefit of the School with any balance going to the OS Benevolent Fund.  The OS Committee have, over the past couple of years, been in contact with a number of the members of the Hasbro’ Club to gauge their opinion on how best to mark this.  After much deliberation it was agreed to purchase two new flagpoles to be sited outside the entrance to the Doggart Pavilion.

MCC and FlagpolesHasbro flag poles plaque

In addition a brass plaque and framed History of the Hasbro’ Club was sited just inside the Doggart Pavilion on the right-hand side of the Home Changing Room. A second framed copy of the History of the Club was placed in archive in the Library. It was also agreed to purchase a tree in memory of the Club which will be planted in the Autumn in the School’s Arboretum.

The flagpoles were installed at the end of April 2013 and were in place just in time for a Cricket Match against MCC at which both sides were able to proudly fly their flags. 

The inscription on the plaque inside the Doggart reads: