Healthy Eating Is Now Even Healthier

As part of our commitment to provide excellent nutrition for all our pupils, Bishop’s Stortford College has engaged Holroyd Howe, experts in the provision of healthy, balanced and nutritionally robust meals. Holroyd Howe are well established in the independent schools market and in the provision of food that supports outstanding teaching. Further information is available below.

Holroyd Howe CateringWorking in partnership, Holroyd Howe and the College are fully committed to a varied programme of healthy eating and all meals are prepared on the premises from fresh ingredients.

Placing a strong emphasis on the health and wellbeing of pupils, Holroyd Howe will introduce a new menu designed to elevate nutritional standards across the board. Each day, the menu will include a wide variety of ingredients, cuisines and culinary styles to encourage our pupils to try new things and enjoy a balanced diet.

782 6069All meals are served in the Bishop's Stortford College dining hall… and yes, good table manners and healthy eating habits are encouraged! The Pre-Prep and Prep School pupils have at least one member of staff sitting at each table to supervise and encourage good manners.

Pupils' views are listened to, with a committee of pupils and staff who meet regularly with our catering manager to discuss ideas and feedback. Our Healthy Eating policy provides details of the practices we have in place to achieve high standards in healthy eating.  

"They [pupils] make good choices at lunchtime, and, supported by the proactive catering department, ensure that their plate of food is a balanced one".  ISI Inspection  2017

For Those Peckish Moments...

    In the Prep School boarding house, snacks are provided at break-times, tuck boxes are available each evening and a tuck shop operates over the weekend. In the Senior School boarding houses, snacks are available throughout the day. Toast is a particular favourite. There are kitchen facilities for boarders who wish to flex their cordon bleu muscles!

Breakfast, Lunch & Supper Menus


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Holroyd Howe is committed to prioritising the safety of our pupils, staff and their team. Please see the below video for more information. 



E numbers and additives

As a Catering Department, we are, of course, acutely aware of the dangers of excessive use of preservatives, colourings and flavourings. The menus reflect this with fresh cooked food provided, where possible.

We serve squash three times a week, however we only purchase from one supplier (Quench) and all the colourings and additives are below the Government guidelines. One of the E numbers to be avoided is E102 Tartrazine: none of the Quench products contain this. In the packed lunches for pupils going on trips, fruit juice or water is provided.

If any parent or guardian has any specific concerns regarding E numbers or additives in their child's diet, I would be more than happy to discuss the subject further.

Gary Law, Catering Manager

Pupil Feedback

"I felt that the menu was more diverse than usual which intrigued me. The presentation was beautiful and I was really impressed by it. All of the food was delicious but I enjoyed the sweet potato the most as it was cooked perfectly." - Upper Third pupil

"For lunch today I had pasta and green beans, with the chocolate cake with sauce for pudding. I found the quality was very good and it was delicious. I loved the new layout of the bars and the plants were a nice addition." - Upper Third pupil

"The food tasted great, much better than the food from last year. The range of vegetables to side my meal was an amazing addition." - Upper Third pupil

"Firstly I think that the presentation of the food has improved immensely, and that it looks more like a 'restaurant'. The food has more flavour than it did before. Overall I think that the food now has improved and I prefer Holroyd Howe to the previous food providers!" - Upper Third pupil