Learning from Home in the Prep School

Following the Government's closure of all schools on 20th March, the Prep School was only open to the children of key workers who could not be cared for at home. Consequently, children in Form One to Upper Third were taught remotely.


"I just wanted to write to say thank you to you and all the staff for the incredible amount of work it must have taken to set up the online and remote learning lessons and tasks from which our children are currently benefiting. I know that many of you will have given up a great chunk of your holiday, not to mention your minds, in order to ensure they have focused, exciting lessons, just like in school. It's an unimaginably difficult task and is very much appreciated." Prep School parent

Further information relating to learning from home in the Summer Term is available in the booklet here and below.

10 Parent Tips for Remote Learning


Further comments from Parents

"I wanted to thank you and all the staff for the amazing job you are doing for our children during such difficult times. It is very much appreciated."

"I just wanted to say thankyou for today, it seems the set up is working well and [our son] enjoyed his first virtual school day.... He enjoyed seeing his friends and yourself and seems a lot happier about his work. Such a uncertain time for all of us, we also watched Mr Toleman's assembly, which I enjoyed too."

"[Our daughter] enjoyed her Zoom lesson this morning. Just to let you know she has a Zoom piano lesson at 12 tomorrow so she will have to catch up with the English lesson later on."

"I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff at school who have worked so hard to get this weeks lessons done. As a working parent, as so many teachers also are, the juggle is real!...   [Our children] have been happy and engaged and seem to be very quiet during “school time”. Please do pass my thanks on to the teachers."

"[Our daughter] diligently worked through lessons both online and not. She really likes the approach of speaking with teachers at the beginning of lessons and then the line being open but quiet for most of the time, such as with Maths and English but has also completed work such as Biology, where there has been little or no direct contact with her teacher at the time, and has been really pleased by the prompt feedback and light touch taken by Dr Edwards. She is delighted with having Mrs Cowan back and is learning about good virtual behaviours which is an excellent life skill."

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and all the staff for all the work they have put in over the holidays preparing for the remote learning.  The Zoom is really working for [our daughter] - she likes knowing that everyone else is there doing the same thing at the same time and that the teacher is on hand for questions - so thank you so much - I think you have all done a great job so far, especially having to re-jig all the time-tables - well done."

"The last few days have run very smoothly, Zoom has been working well alongside Firefly in order to deliver the lessons. It is obvious teachers and all involved have been working very hard to make this work. A big thank you to all!... Like many, as a family we are having to deal with a lot of concern and worry at the moment, so for [our daughter] to have something to focus on and to be able to see her teachers and friends again really is wonderful."
"I just wanted to send you all a message to say thank you for all you are doing to support the pupils during this current time...We are very happy with the current educational support and truly appreciate all the effort that goes into making this a happen.  I know how difficult it is to implement change...so to see such rapid adoption of technology and successful delivery of such an important component of our lives in an eye watering short space of time is nothing less than phenomenal."
"I just wanted to say how impressed we are with how you have all magicked yourselves into IT wizards overnight. I feel that we are so fortunate to have all of the lessons with the teachers that teach the children in school. Bishop's Stortford [College] has raised the bar..."
"I first want to say thank you to you and all the teachers who have plainly worked so hard to ensure that the children continue to receive a high standard of education and adapted your lessons thoughtfully to the firefly and zoom formats. It's appreciated."
"...We wanted to drop you a note to thank you and all the staff that teach 1JM.  It has been the most unprecedented circumstances, but for [our son] and us the school structure and quality of lessons has continued to educate him.  The teachers have done a great job at keeping the kids engaged through lessons, setting relevant work and providing constructive feedback."
"As we have reached the end of a very bizarre term, I wanted to write to express our thanks for all the extremely hard work you and your colleagues have put into carrying on with [our daughters'] education in these very testing times.

I have been sharing the dining room with [our daughter] during lockdown and it has been uplifting to see the way you have all been working so well. [Our daughter] shares the study with [our other daughter] who is in her first year in Senior School and we are both delighted with the way the teaching has continued to such a high standard on-line and how well the staff and pupils have responded during the lockdown."