Sport from Home

During our enforced closure, while our movements are restricted, it is important to remain as active as possible. With the supervision of a parent or guardian, Prep School pupils can undertake many different home exercises and workouts, as well as practising their skills and techniques for specific sports. The College Sports Department has generated a list of resources, activities and ideas for all Prep School pupils to try at home: 


  • Here are Six Easy and Simple Exercises that all parents can do with their children whilst at home to improve strength and fitness. 
  • IAPS Sport have shared a great list of free resources available to parents and pupils which includes activities such as a Disney dance along and workouts that do not require any equipment.   

Director of Sport, Miss Gordon also has a message for pupils.


Many sports personalities have also been live streaming various PE classes for pupils across the country to join in with and the videos are available to watch anytime: 

  • Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, is running a daily 'PE with Joe Wicks' session live, Monday - Friday at 9am on his YouTube channel. 
  • Strictly Come Dancing Professional, Oti Mabuse, has been offering a selection of live dance lessons for children, and evening sessions for adults, on her YouTube channel. 

Find out more about playing professional sport with College Conversations, a series of interviews between Director of Sport, Miss Gordon and various professional sports athletes. 

Lots of you have been sending in pictures and video clips of the sports and activities you've been doing at home. Here's a short montage of the latest. Keep them coming!









Core Strength and Fitness

  • Miss Gordon's HIIT Workout is perfect for exercising the whole body and starting the day with high energy. 




A couple of challenges for all cricket enthusiasts to try at home:


Take a look at these videos for a range of hockey skills and challenges to practice at home: 


Here are some great video resources for any pupils looking to practice their netball skills. These cover a wide range of skills including ball handling, changing direction and control: 


Skills to practice at home: 

  • Simulate the service action with 2 racquets in one hand to build up the weight and repetition of action
  • Practice the forehand and backhand swing actions on the spot in front of a mirror, focussing on the repositioning steps for each shot
  • Practice volley shots in front of a mirror checking you are stepping forwards with the opposite foot, and the contact point is short and level
  • Practice your controlled shots against a wall in the garden

Tennis backhand stance