Sport from Home for Senior School Pupils

Over the next few weeks of social distancing it is important to try and stay active, in order to maintain fitness as well as well-being.

Our Sports Department have put together a selection of resources to help everyone keep active including workout routines, 'Fitness Monopoly' and ideas for practising skills for specific sports inspired by PE4Learning. 

And for those who like something a little different, here's some front room Zumba especially for us!

OS, Philip Carpenter also has a Facebook group called Free Lockdown Fitness Community. Join him for daily, high energy live workouts.



Core Strength and Fitness

Weights Sports Fitness Equipment Kettlebell weights sports equipment 

Weights fitness equipment

  • Miss Gordon's HIIT Workout is perfect for keeping active: 






Here are a couple of challenges for all cricket enthusiasts to try at home and the Cricket for Girls Youtube channel has many more: 

Bowling technique


Take a look at these videos for a range of hockey skills and challenges to practice at home: 


Here are some great video resources for any pupils looking to practice their netball skills. These cover a wide range of skills including ball handling, changing direction and control: 


Home training sessions for rugby players (see below) or here for a wider selection.





Here are some useful dry-lane training exercises for swimmers of all standards to do at home.


Skills to practice at home: 

  • Simulate the service action with 2 racquets in one hand to build up the weight and repetition of action
  • Practice the forehand and backhand swing actions on the spot in front of a mirror, focussing on the repositioning steps for each shot
  • Practice volley shots in front of a mirror checking you are stepping forwards with the opposite foot, and the contact point is short and level
  • Practice your controlled shots against a wall in the garden