E-Safety Bulletin #4

Teenage Kicks

‘Kids these days!’ is a phrase often muttered by older generations who are trying to get to grips with new-fangled attitudes and happenings. However underneath it all, are our young people so different to us when we were teenagers?


Last week I attended the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command) Ambassador Course with Miss Ward from the Pre-Prep. One of the key modules that we looked at was titled ‘Nude Selfies’ and covered young people’s relationships, sex and the internet. Nude selfies or ‘sexting’ as it is also known, are self-produced naked or semi-naked images or videos of children and young people i.e. young people sharing videos or images of themselves with other young people. What was apparent that whilst the technology to enable young people to do this has only recently become available, the motivations behind sharing this kind of imagery is actually very characteristic of teenagers in general. Some young people may think it’s funny, some may do it to show off. Some young people may do it to flirt, whilst others may do it as part of a trusting relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend. And some young people maybe influenced by that timeless teenage tactic – peer pressure.

Whatever the reason, it is important as parents and carers to understand the risks and what to do if things go wrong. CEOP has produced a fantastic series of short animations to provide guidance on nude selfies. Watch below or find out more information on CEOP's ThinkYouKnow website.


At this time of year when a lot of our young people will be receiving new devices for Christmas, cease the opportunity to start some open, honest discussions about how they behave when using technology. Being a teenager will always be about being curious and pushing boundaries; being a parent or carer, will always be about providing them with the guidance and support to do so safely.

Meryem Brook

Digital Learning Support Advisor